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AWESome EarthKind

Apr 4, 2022

Quantum Quote: “There is but one true need, and that is human relations.” (translated to English) – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (author of “The Little Prince”)

An earth- and user-friendly water system is one of the major issues facing the world today. The water shortage and sewage concerns are getting more serious every day, with droughts plaguing the western U.S. while floods regularly overflow sewage systems in the east. Around the world, these issues are even more intense.


Did you know that even with the government and big water companies cleaning most of our water, 80% of all sewage in the world is not treated at all, and the problem of waste water is getting worse?

Lack of funds equates to lack of infrastructure. OriginClear (OCLN) and their Water on Demand™ strategies address wastewater infrastructure issues with disruptive technology and innovative financing. 

Water purification for beer brewing can allow the reuse of 50% of their waste water for wash downs and other purposes. Treating our own water and making it reusable with “water as a service” is a win-win for everyone.

Take a step towards saving humanity’s future as we work towards an environment of smart energy, water, and everything else - and where we think about how even water can be reused!

Riggs Eckelberry is the CEO of OriginClear. A happy tech executive, in 2005, he helped take a security software company public as its president. He then became CEO of a small public company treating industrial water before deeply diving into the water crisis, devoting his time to sustainable water: a huge, but slow-moving trillion-dollar global market. Riggs is uniquely qualified to ride the wave of do-it-yourself water treatment that is transforming the water industry and combating the water crisis.

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SuperNova #1. The real problem is the water that's made dirty. People don't realize that municipalities have been starved of funds ever since the 1970s. So when the Biden ministration did this multi-trillion dollar infrastructure bill, they only did $55 billion for the one industry, so we concluded that the centralized government infrastructure is not happening. One of the solutions is to reduce the load at the center, and do it at the margins where the water is made dirty. Let’s fix it at the edges. The solution is to take care of it yourself.

SuperNova #2. In third world countries’ cities, they have humans cleaning the sewers, and many of them are dying from the gasses. There's literally no infrastructure. The solution there is not to try and spend more billions on central systems. Incentivize people, industries, and large housing developments to have their own water treatment over time.

SuperNova #3. Before you jump into an entrepreneurial thing, do some apprenticing. Learn the space, get involved at some level with whatever's going on in a sector, and have a sense of what your capital is going to be – your capital roadmap – because you're never gonna have enough money. That's just the fact of it.

Riggs’/OriginClear’s Next Step: “What’s great about this capital fund is we’ve raised that symbolic million since November 1, and we are going to keep going with that, Assets are what’s needed to get you on the NASDAQ. We are done being a penny stock company. It’s become over-regulated. We intend to get on the NASDAQ. And now, we expect to have really good access to inexpensive capital. We’re going to be the big player on the block. We think we have a great future.” – Riggs Eckelberry

Parting Advice: “I believe that high tech is coming to everything. What I like is the integration of high tech lessons and disruptive lessons to even very conventional spaces, like water. We think that there's going to be so much high tech implementation for every day industries that you would be very mistaken to think that you could just bump along and use a paper Rolodex and do your thing. That's over. It's gonna be all about high tech.” – Riggs Eckelberry