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AWESome EarthKind

Dec 31, 2020

The Energy “Big 3”

Electricity, Heat & Transportation are responsible for ~90% of the Greenhouse Gas emissions that are fueling more frequent & intense extreme weather events and threatening the lives of everyone we know & love.


AWESome = A.W.E.S. (Air,  Water,  Earth, Sun)+ M.E. (you and me)    

All women & mankind. All EarthKind.


This year-end summary highlights:

Awareness, Hope, & Opportunity

  • Earth Day Everywhere to Proving the Possible Denis Hayes Earth Day Network
  • Creating Environmental Awareness & Change via Mass Media Jason Evans of Xploration Awesome
  • Solar: Slow-No to the Speed of Light Scott Sklar The Stella Group
  • Clean Energy: The Greatest Opportunity of the 21st Century Steve Melink Melink Corporation
  • 3.4 Million Clean Energy Jobs Bob Keefe, E2 Environmental Entrepreneurs
  • Saving $5 Trillion with the “Value of Solar” Karl Rabago Rabago Energy
  • Healthy Clean Cities Rich Kassel Capalino an Urban Strategy Firm



  • Our Children’s Health & Nature Stephen Cowan, MD
  • Fighting Covid-19 with UV Lighting and Ionized Air Bernie Erickson, FSG & Jeff Barat D&B Engineering
  • Priceless: Healthy Buildings Rick Alfandre, Architect
  • Clean Cooking Creates a Healthier Home & World Jessica Azulay AGREE NY
  • Co2 & Odor Absorbing Paint for Your Home, Workspace & the Environment – with Adam Huss of Smog Armor

Efficiency & The Big 3 of Clean Energy: (Solar Electricity, Clean Heating & Electric Vehicles)

  • The Least Expensive Energy #1: LED Lighting Bernie Erickson Facilities Solutions Group (FSG)
  • Cattle Cowboy to Wind Entrepreneur to UL Microgrids Andy Kruse HOMER Energy
  • Solar That’s Not “Too Good to Be True” Anthony Mongeluzo PCS IT
  • Solar and Battery Storage Powering a Puerto Rican Home/Office EO Fire Founder John Lee Dumas
  • Solar Pitfalls: What Homeowners & Real Estate Agents Need to Know Christina Mathieson the Solar Lady of Real Estate & Leap EDU
  • Media Leader & Electric Car Groundbreaker Rob Greenlee Libsyn
  • Solar Car Ports & Electric Car Chargers Sass Peress iSun Energy
  • Heating & Cooling with the Energy Under Our Feet Jack DiEnna, Geo-nii
  • Geothermal Heating & Cooling – and Solar in Suburban Westchester, NY Sung Pak, My Body Mechanics
  • Frugal Family Transforms 200-Year Old Home With Efficiency, Solar, Geothermal & a Used Electric Car – with Hydrogeologist Russell Urban-Mead
  • Family’s New Home Balances Pocketbook & Environment Laurie & Roger Husted 
  • Solar, Geothermal, Electric Cars & Resilient Fine Wines Suzanne Hunt Hunt Country Vineyards


Business Voice & New Business Models



Environmental Justice

  • Transportation Nexus: Environment, Economy, & Equity Renae Reynolds Electrify NY
  • Clean Energy Jobs, Justice & Community Development Soulful Synergy Founders Dwayne Norris


Clean Energy Investments


Starting your own Ecopreneur Business


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