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AWESome EarthKind

Jul 18, 2022

Quantum Quotes“Going solar saves a bunch of money. No matter what your politics and ideologies are - saving money is pretty universal.” - Bill Nussey


We’ve become so used to having fuel-powered sources get us through our day that most people find it hard to embrace solar’s potential to change not only our life, but also the planet’s. For years, we’ve depended on fuels that require taking something out of the ground, refining and burning it, which, with all the waste, then inevitably led to the current state of life on Earth.


But now that solar and batteries are here, we’ve found not only the cheapest, but also the most sustainable power source! As a product of technology - not a fuel - solar allows us to save money, energy, and our children’s future.


However, even when people are aware that the numbers show that solar is getting cheaper day by day, many are still choosing not to embrace the new reality. Join us today and be enlightened. Be fuel-free and become one of the heroes of free energy!


Bill Nussey is a career tech CEO with several exits, including an IPO. His companies have created thousands of jobs and billions in shareholder value. Along the way, he worked at Greylock as a venture capitalist, and - after selling his marketing tech company to IBM - was promoted to VP Corp Strategy to help lead IBM’s global strategy for their CEO and SVPs.


In 2017, he jumped into clean energy. It started with a TED talk which grew into 100+ articles, then became the top ranked renewable energy podcast and a book called Freeing Energy, which has hit Amazon’s #1 new release in three categories. The book targets investors and innovators and uncovers a trillion-dollar disruption in the renewable energy industry that few people see coming. 



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SuperNova #1. Get educated. When you want to convince somebody who's not inclined to listen to the urgency of climate change, as a business person, I say fall back to the business side, because the numbers are much harder to debate. We can debate whether solar is going to offset some gigatons of carbon, and what that's going to do to the future of the health of the planet. But the fact is, solar is going to save a bunch of money. No matter what your politics and ideologies are, saving money is pretty universal. And the good news is that clean energy is now the cheapest source of energy.

SuperNova #2. As a newbie, the thing that I'm getting my head around is that for a century, energy, electricity, hydrocarbons, fossil fuels, everything - were all essentially fuel-based business models. What you had to do is take something out of the ground, refine it, ship it, burn it, then sometimes you had to clean up the waste. (Normally, you just threw it in a pond behind the power plant. But, there was waste. )

The thing that's so cool, that’s changing, is that solar and batteries are technologies; they're not fuels. And this is so profound in terms of the impact it's going to have on the transition. What people really don't get their head around is that in another ten years, solar is going to be so cheap. I think we'll see every home and every building have solar and batteries in it. Not because they're environmentalists, not because there are subsidies; it's going to be because it's the cheapest way to generate electricity and it's the most reliable, sustainable, and independent. I think it's just inevitable.

SuperNova #3. It’s really simple. If you have a roof and you have the good fortune to have a little bit of money, then go put solar on your roof. If you don't have those options, get community solar. The best thing you can do is power your life with solar. That has a much larger reduction in carbon footprint than, say, going vegan, which you should do too, if that's what you want to do. And the other thing is, if you have the means, drive an electric car instead of a petrol-powered car. That's a very large benefit, especially if you drive a lot.


Worst Career Moment: “I bet everything to get into clean energy. I had a really good career, had been successful in the traditional tech industry, and most people thought I was crazy to get out of that industry. It's a lucrative industry and people knew who I was in there. The question was, why in the world would you get into an industry where nobody knows who you are to write a book that nobody cares about, to make a business that may or may not work in the future? A couple of years into it, as I was trying to put my entrepreneurial lens towards what can I do in the clean energy space, I got pretty depressed, because everything I saw really ran into the need for policy change, which is very difficult and slow, and everything required us to work through electric utilities. 

That was a pretty low moment for me, when I thought I had made the biggest mistake of my career. But then I said I'm going to give myself 90 days to see if there's some other angle here, some way where entrepreneurs can participate, where people want to innovate and move quickly. And that's when I stumbled into the notion of local energy.” – Bill Nussey

Best Advice He’s Ever Received: Follow the road less traveled. I think it's incredibly easy to fall into the things you're supposed to do and be the person that everyone thinks you’re supposed to be. And every time in my life, in my career, when I was supposed to do X, Y or Z, not because I was a rebel, but because I just had a different vision for myself, I did something different.” – Bill Nussey


Most Energized About Today: “I have two - the first is that I take crazy big notes and I use digital tools to keep track of them and source every article. I find that that creates a continuity and ability to accomplish goals that very few things do. And then - always have three things. Every day of your life say - what are the three things I want to get done for the next year or the next six months, and always have those written down. I write them down on my wall. Having constant reminders at the beginning and end of the day - what are the three things I'm working towards that really matter? Always have three things; three goals” – Bill Nussey


Internet Resource: Notion


Book Recommendation: The Prize - The Epic Quest for Oil, Money & Power

by Daniel Yetgin


Magic Wand: “If I could have one thing that I would change in the world, I would help everybody be a little more wary of convenient answers. You just have to put your skeptic hat on and take a second look. For the industry, if I could wave a magic wand, I would wish that batteries costs in 2023 would be what they'll cost in 2030. If that's too much to ask, then I wish that people would have conviction in 2023 about what they'll actually cost in 2030, and they would make entirely different decisions.” – Bill Nussey


Most Energized About Today: “I think the most exciting thing that I look at in the industry is the Ford F150 Lightning, the EV-powered version of the most popular vehicle sold in the United States. Ford took the most popular car in the history of the world, and they made it incredibly attractive to everybody.” – Bill Nussey


Next Thing: “I've been working on a small startup. I spend a few hours a week on something called Solar Inventions - it's the work of one of the Soneva scientists. One of the guys that invented most of those products is a business partner of mine, and we've created and are now attempting to commercialize a new architecture for silicon solar that has some benefits that makes it better and cheaper.” – Bill Nussey


Parting Advice: “Look at the numbers. They're on your side now. They weren't on your side ten years ago. Ten years ago, it was sacrifice and green premium and all the kinds of things that required. Now, the numbers are on your side. You know it. I know it. But this is just not baked into the dialogs every single day about how we get to clean energy. Focus on the numbers. They’re there. Being cheaper is the biggest reason to get 100% of humanity on board with this transition.” – Bill Nussey