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AWESome EarthKind

Apr 18, 2022

Quantum Quote: "It always seems impossible until it's done." - Nelson Mandela

Using clean energy is 75% to 400% more efficient than fossil fuels to power our electricity, heating, cooling, transportation, and many more systems.

That's why state governments and utilities are doing their best to help and encourage everyone to switch to sustainable energy sources that are good for the environment and the consumer. 

Where can we find programs and resources to help us use clean energy sources, especially for air and ground source heat pumps? How can we support using best practices and standards to install these sustainable technologies?

We will uncover all that and more with our guest in this next episode.

As a Conservation and Load Management Program Manager, Nicole manages the New York State (NYS) Clean Heat Program for NYSEG and RG&E, subsidiary companies of AVANGRID. Nicole is also a member of the NYS Clean Heat Joint Management Committee, composed of NYS utilities and NYSERDA.

With over 17 years of service in the energy industry, Nicole has held a variety of roles from Energy Specialist to Supervisor of Low-Income Programs and Customer Advocacy.

Outside of AVANGRID, Nicole enjoys spending time with her family, whether cooking a big meal or hosting a gathering at her home. She also enjoys shopping at farmers' markets all over NY and PA, volunteering, and supporting local businesses. 

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Supernova#1: This past fall, NYSEG started injecting renewable natural gas derived from organic animal waste into our customers' natural gas delivery system in Western New York. The NYSEG appliance recycling program was recognized by the EPA for year over year program growth in 2021. NYSEG customers have recycled 2,615 Full-Size refrigerators, 556 standalone freezers, and 302 room air conditioners. Removing these inefficient appliances from the electric system is the equivalent of taking 687 gasoline-powered vehicles off the road.

Supernova#2: Often, consumers will believe that you have to have a large yard to fit a ground source heat pump. That's not always the case; there are vertical ground source heat pumps and there are also community geothermal units that can serve an entire development. So there are geothermal options out there for space-constrained units and various building types. Don't rule it out if you don't have that big yard to install your typical horizontal ground source heat pump. There are other technologies. 

Supernova#3: Beneficial electrification is where we're converting from fossil fuel sources to electricity. It's 75% to 400% more efficient than fossil fuels.

Program Resources:,

Most Energized About Today: "It's not necessarily just today. It's today and beyond. I'm really excited to see the innovation that's out there how heat pumps are being used to overcome building challenges and technology challenges. It's removing greenhouse gasses and how we can incorporate the technology going forward." - Nicole Williams


Parting Advice: "We all love to research before we purchase anything, and there are so many valuable web pages out there and communications filled with tons of information regarding heat pumps and beneficial electrification; that's very important to do and compare your options. But when in doubt, consult with a professional in the industry. This program is here to develop best practices on how these installations occur and work with our industry partners in providing those practices throughout their installation." - Nicole Williams