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AWESome EarthKind

Aug 17, 2020

The Energy “Big 3” – Electricity, Heat & Transportation – are responsible for ~90% of our Greenhouse Gas emissions.

AWESome = A.W.E.S. = A (Air) W (Water) E (Earth) & S (Sun) + M.E. (you and me)

Previous Episodes: 

1. Earth Day’s Denis Hayes – Organized the 1st Earth Day & the Earth Day Network that made Earth Day the largest non-religious holiday in the world. 

  • “The impossible” has already been done – with buildings that create more energy than they use 
  • Never give up” - there is always hope.

2. Clean Energy Pioneer Scott Sklar. Ridiculed for 40 years, Scott has now –

  • Built clean energy projects on every continent– including Antarctica. 
  • Pays $39 a month for electricity, heat & hot water in his VA suburban home– and the same amount for his 2 story VA office building. 
  • Solar & Wind are now the cheapest sources of energy on the planet.
  • Renewables are now the primary source of new electric generation everywhere

3. “How to choose LED lighting” with Bernie Erickson, who installed LEDs in the $4 Billion Oculus center next to the 911 memorial in NYC.

4. Fighting Covid with UV Lighting & Ionized Air. Bernie Erickson and Jeff Barat, an energy and ventilation expert, share:

  • How UV lighting and Ionized Air can eliminate 99.999% of the virus in 30 minutes.
  • You can get the technology for your home, workplace or school.

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