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AWESome EarthKind

Nov 8, 2021

Quantum Quote:

 “Take advantage of clean energy incentives today – or pay climate penalties in the near future”.


We have reached the tipping point.

Humanity’s Greenhouse gas emissions are fueling extreme weather events that are becoming more intense, costly, deadly, and frequent.

Did you know that our greenhouse gas emissions are trapping the same amount of energy in our atmosphere as 500,000 nuclear explosions EVERY day, 365 days a year?

In 2019, the U.S. saw an average of one $1 Billion extreme weather catastrophe every month. In 2020 – Billion Dollar weather events increased to an average of 2 a month! And in 2021, Ida became the 5th most costly hurricane in US history, causing over $60 Billion of economic impact.

In Glasgow, Scotland, virtually every country in the world is participating in the “Conference of the Parties,” or COP. Their mission is to create and enforce goals that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions worldwide and stabilize our climate.

Did you know that in 2019 New York State passed the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act, or CLCPA? Right now, there is $5 Billion of incentives to move everyone to clean electricity, heating, cooling, and transportation. But soon the cash incentives will be followed by changes in building codes and then penalties for not achieving greenhouse gas reduction goals. Starting in 2024 in New York City, any building owner with more than 25,000 square feet of space that does not meet the goals will start paying penalties of ~50c per sqft Per Year – and those penalties will increase.

The time is NOW to move to clean energy. Take advantage of the cash and tax incentives today – or pay the price in penalties tomorrow.

And - if you want to create MORE real change TODAY – pick up the phone and multiply your climate impact by a factor of 1,000 with #CodeRedClimate &

Last week, Congress passed a $1 trillion infrastructure bill to rebuild the nation’s deteriorating roads, bridges, and water supplies. This is the largest federal investment into infrastructure projects in more than a decade, touching nearly every facet of the American economy, and includes funding for the modernization of the nation’s power grid and broadband.

In the Senate, the 69 to 30 vote was uncommonly bipartisan. But in the House – partisan bickering again nearly put self-interest ahead of the national good. Now the Build Back Better bill – which would fund the largest climate action in history and help ensure the very survival of everyone on the planet – is at risk.

The best part of the Build Back Better bill in Congress is not only that it creates millions of jobs and a stronger and healthier clean energy economy & environment - But it will be paid for by taking back just part of the $7 Trillion in Tax breaks that the last administration gave their billionaire friends.

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