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AWESome EarthKind

Aug 27, 2020

Quantum Quote: “The best way to predict the future - is to invent it”. - Alan Kay, former Xerox researcher.

Bill Weihl started his career in computer science on the faculty at MIT, then led climate and sustainability work at Google & Facebook. He founded Climate Voice to empower the workforce to urge companies to go “all in” on climate, both in business practices and policy advocacy. Take the Climate Voice Pledge at

SuperNova #1. Google, Facebook, Apple, Ikea, Walmart, Amazon, Sales Force & other large companies already are - or soon will be - climate neutral and 100% powered by clean energy.

SuperNova #2.  While it’s important for all of us - and all companies and organizations - to make the right decisions and move to clean energy - EVERYONE needs to do it. The only way to have everyone do it is with government policy, because that policy reduces the risk and drives innovation.

SuperNova #3. Policy is about influence. Businesses have a lot of influence. If businesses say they want good carbon policies - we’ll get them. 

SuperNova #4. Carbon reductions of 8-9% / year are necessary, technically doable,  & make economic sense. But - we need to change the rules of the system.

SuperNova #5. Companies can’t just “stay in their lanes”. Even though different policies might not directly apply to their particular situation - we need to unite around the comprehensive policy changes that are being held back from the established fossil fuel companies.

SuperNova #6. Get involved in local & state policy regarding utilities and local zoning. Over 30 communities have banned fossil fuels in new construction.

Ah-Ha:  Decide on where you want to go, then figure out how to get there

Best Advice he’s ever received: Fear is normal. The right response is action, not paralysis.

Personal Success:  Questioning many things - assumptions, statements of fact, received wisdom - leads to creative approaches & solutions 

Internet Resources: Climate Nexus:  

Book Recommendation: Designing Climate Solutions by Hal Harvey

Magic Wand: Restore trust in expertise. Question assumptions & facts, but trust experts & their expertise.

One thing Energized about today: This is a complicated time. Lots of disruption, and the world is turned upside down. But the door is opening for BIG CHANGE - racial, economic, & climate justice and civil rights. 

WTF or F:  On the beach having fun in North Carolina in 2004. Didn’t know that there was a hurricane coming & had to evacuate.

Parting Advice: Don’t just think about where we are and what seems possible - think about where you want to go and what it will take to get there - then go do it.